The Most Excellent Way

Explained by Paul in 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 is that the body of Christ is like our physical body that has many parts that form one. The activities of the body are coordinated by the Holy Spirit. Each part fulfills an essential function and is unified to fulfill the most excellent way.

Paul relates the parts of the human body to the church body to illustrate the necessity for each of us to discover our God given strengths. Each diverse member should carry out their role to produce a healthy body.

The right attitude of a person with a less spectacular gift to a person with a more spectacular gift is to rejoice when the more spectacular gift is honored. If you were on a sports team and a great player was honored with an award, the whole team should feel honored … from those who were a major contributor to those who sat on the bench. Those who sat on the bench contributed in some way to the success of the great player. It may have been hours of practice with the great player or offering encouragement along the way.

This day with You Lord, we accept our lot in life. You have given each of us a role to play with the body of Christ. Help us today to just let go and put You in control. You are our strength even when we may think there is no way but with You there is a way and it is the best way.

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