Spend More Time on Top Priority Activities

Identify Activities that Bring Meaning and Value to Your Life

If you pursue Godly wisdom, you will be more likely to have the judgment needed to make good decisions and listen to the right people. You will follow the right leader because you will listen to those with wholesome values and morals. Like a magnet attracting iron, you will attract treasures for the soul because the elements of God’s principles are at work in you.

Along the way to your ultimate destination, you can make your daily life interesting by noticing the good things around you. Not all music is good but there are parts of almost every song that has some good. Not all TV shows are good but the good ones usually have a lesson you can apply to life. In sports, you can pick up lessons like teamwork and discipline. Throughout the Bible, there are characters who demonstrate lessons you can live by.

You can look forward to each day with excitement because life only gets better as you continue toward your destination. The aim is to spend time in top-priority activities that bring the greatest value to your life. Eighty percent of what brings the most value in your life almost invariably comes from only twenty percent of the tasks you perform. That’s why it was important to do the Daily Time Analysis as explained in the post Meaningful Planning. 

Take Action on the Top Priority Activities 

Maintain the faith because getting control of your time is now a work in progress. God has given you the momentum and the extra leverage you need. He will provide the strength and ability you need to live victoriously. You can have confidence because God is with you and whatever happens in your life is for a purpose. In the bad times, you will receive strength and peace. In the good times you will receive joy but also humility because it is God who should get all the credit.

There is an internal tug of war inside your soul between good and evil but through Jesus Christ you can be optimistic because God gives the momentum. With Christ, the day is going to turn out good and there are no limits to what you can accomplish so maintain hope in difficult times. God may bring comfort through the kindness of another person or inspire you with a glorious sunrise, sunset or rainbow.

Keep in mind that it is in the tough times that we learn and that is when there are breakthroughs. It’s not always easy but just think of all the inventions that have been made because of having bad days. Bad days make people think up new ways to create better days for someone else. According to amusingfacts.com, it was after dropping and breaking a bottle of milk which spilled all over his floor one morning that John Van Wormer invented paper milk cartons.

As a believer, you share from the same nourishing food for the soul that not only improves your life but also those around you wanting to join in. As you relate to others, you can be optimistic because by the grace of God you are allowed to stand firm and possess the Spirit in your heart.

This resource is only a deposit securing what is to come. So don’t worry if you haven’t received the promotion or big project – don’t be upset. You may find out that you are better off without them. I heard this saying on the Paul Harvey radio segment one time and it went something like this -it’s always the second mouse that gets the cheese. Friend, with God on your side you are so much more prepared today to handle life’s challenges than you were yesterday. You are getting better and better each day and closer and closer to the ultimate reward.

One great time saver is being able to delegate. If you are like me, much of my time last week was spent on family chores. If you have children, it may be a good time to start training them on some family chores like dish washing or yard work. The tasks may not be performed perfectly by a child but there is an extra benefit because they are gaining experience and contributing to the family. Then there is more time for parents and children to be involved in activities that are fun for all.

Simplify the Complex 

An extremely potent time buster is to make good decisions quickly and without hesitation. If you have a time of devotion and prayer each day, you are letting God direct each step you take. You avoid the traps that get you into trouble by listening to the ONE you can trust. When you are tested, you continue to have a good outlook on life. You take advantage of difficulties by learning from the tough experiences of life and using them as a way to become self-disciplined so you are continuously going all-out for the eternal reward.

You can seek to get organized by making the complex simple by tying together the relationship between the word of God and things of nature. They both are His Creation and teach us lessons that we can apply to everyday living. You need values that won’t let us down and the values found in the Bible are essential for a successful life.

The world is a complex place but be thankful that the gospel message has a beautiful and refreshing simplicity about it that sets you free and never lets you down. This link has the key.

Receive the knowledge of God found in His word and this knowledge will be more important than wealth or luxuries. Think and say what is pleasing to God and you will be blessed with eternal rewards. Understand that atonement was complicated but the cross has provided you with a straightforward route.

Plan Your Next Steps 

Including now is an example of a Weekly Time Summary at this link which records how much time I spent each day on certain tasks. This is an example of how this analysis can provide ideas. You can take ideas from your own time analysis to tweak your daily routine.

Use the Weekly Time Summary to create a new list in priority order of various tasks that provide the Best Use of Time List. In doing my analysis, I found anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour that was wasted each day.

The next tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet is called Action Steps. On this, you can list some actions you will take to increase your time spent on tasks that bring the most value and meaning to your life.

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