A Meaningful Life

The proverbs can be categorized as to observation, interpretation, or application. We can learn from others through observation. We can interpret God’s Word so that it directs our steps. We can apply what we learn for a meaningful life.

Proverbs 20 starts out with the vice of alcoholic beverages. We can observe the life of an alcoholic and learn much about how this vice destroys the life of individuals and their families. The chapter then points out the negatives of having low energy and not being able to obtain the basic necessities of food and shelter. Enthusiasm with integrity helps one to flourish but idleness will wither a future.

The key to flourishing is to let God direct each step. Let God direct your steps by putting the future in His hands. Being honest with yourself and with others. Learning from mistakes of the past and honoring God by applying His instructions in your life.

Photo Credit – truthmattersblog.wordpress.com

This day with You Lord, direct our steps. We pray for help in using the lessons in Your Word and the experiences we go through Lord. Like a lake that collects rain water, help us to collect a reservoir of thoughts and ideas over time to be used to guide our steps along the journey. We receive your grace Lord and accept the opportunity to gain wisdom in order to live a meaningful life. Amen.


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1 Response to A Meaningful Life

  1. jonahzsong says:

    Low energy? Love the sensitivity to the myriad causes associated with not doing what might otherwise be a future benefit.

    L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .


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