Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Some say the rich may not be able to understand the struggles of the poor. Some on the other hand say the poor do not understand the discipline and hard work required of the rich. The Bible tells us that the best way to manage society’s problems are through neighbor helping neighbor.

Proverbs 19 explains that giving to the poor or needy is like lending to the Lord and an investment that will be rewarded. A rich person may try to buy friends but in the long run integrity is more valuable than wealth.

This morning my thoughts are about hurricane Harvey last September. In Texas, the faith based groups outpaced the federal government in help from the devastating floods. Many citizens used their fishing boats to rescue their neighbors from the floods. People contributed their time and money to help their neighbor in need of basic necessities like food, water, and clothing. The rescues were amazing – the kindness and love of fellow neighbor was apparent.

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A few meaningful qualities from this chapter that need to be a part of our life include integrity, discipline, enthusiasm, and kindness. Examples of all these qualities can be found in God’s Word. We need to find these treasures in God’s Word and follow the instructions. Then teach our children to also follow the Way. What we make happen for others will be given back to us so when we give, a gift will be given back. When we act kind, we receive kindness from others.

This day with You Lord, inspire in our heart to be charitable to the needy, treat others fairly, respect the aged, and love our neighbors. Give us ideas in ways to carry out these qualities by planning out action steps. We pray that Your purpose prevails. Amen.

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