Details of Your Steps

A lesson learned in reading Proverbs 16 is that as we journey through life, we need to plan our course with details for every step. These details should be established from the instructions found in the Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Each step will lead along the road to victory as you gain wisdom rather than gold and understanding rather than silver!

Endure obstacles along the way with patience and self-control which are greater weapons in the battles faced in life than a warrior with shield or spear. Always remember that the problems you go through in life are not stop signs; they are guidelines and it is during tough times that God provides sure signs of a brighter future.

There are things we can relate the proverbs to in our daily living that will help in making decisions. The Word of God provides instructions for the right things for our day and things fall into place for an amazing day. Many times in worldly news we get information that is not true but the Good News of Christ is truthful, useful, and applicable to our daily living.


This day with You Lord, we are thankful for Your Good News. Whatever we go through or how big our obstacles, we can rest assured that we will receive what we need. You will provide the details needed for each step and by following these steps, we will stay calm and at peace. Today, we will do things Your Way gaining wisdom more valuable than gold and understanding more valuable than silver. Amen.


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