Being Industrious

In today’s passage Proverbs 6, a lesson is given on being industrious and using good common sense. The passage gives us the lesson using the example of an ant. The ant doesn’t sit around doing nothing but they’ve worked out a system where they prepare and work together to provide necessities.

The Lord hates certain characteristics in people.  Some include a bad attitude, wrong thoughts, lying, and actions that hurt others. If any of these are in our life, the only way to get rid of them is by the blood of Christ. Then each day we can study God’s Word for continual cleaning. We can also hold each other accountable, share ideas, and encourage one another.

More warnings are given against adultery in today’s passage. Remember in the previous study of Proverbs 5 that the consequences for the person who commits adultery are personal and public destruction including the loss of health, wealth, honor, and dignity. God’s plan is for us is to use good common sense by putting all our attention on the one He joined with us in marriage.

This day with You Lord, we know that when two or more are gathered in Your name, there is a third power at work giving extra energy. Gathered is not just two minds but a third called the Holy Spirit at work. Each are pulling together with various thoughts and ideas to make an ordinary day into an amazing day. We are thankful for each opportunity to gather together as we pray in Jesus name. Amen


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