Communication for the Lord’s Work

Reading Romans 16:1-16, Paul shows personal concern for the Roman Christians by offering encouragement, giving credit to church leaders, and asking for unity in the Lord’s work. The characteristics of the people Paul mentions in this passage are hardworking, faithful, and courageous.

Paul reveals that he is aware of how each member of the church is connected and the importance of having those behind the scenes making the ministry work. In Romans 12:5, it was explained how many form one body to carry out the Lord’s work.

Working on the technical support team and media at my church, I have the opportunity to view the various parts of the worship service and appreciate the many people working together to make it happen.

If you are like me, there are so many things I would like to do but just don’t have time. Today with the use of technology, we can share our thoughts and pray with people all over the world. We can have Bible study or listen to a sermon at any place or time.

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As we continue reading this letter written by Paul to the Romans, we can understand how the written word allows communication to happen even when all can’t attend at the same time or in the same place. It’s an economical way to give credit, encourage, and unify for the Lord’s work.

This day with You Lord, the time we spend in Your Word, reflection, and our time in prayer is of essence. We ask that we make every minute count and we are thankful for all the hardworking people behind the scenes to carry out Your work. Amen.


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