It takes courage to take the first step but you have unique talents and abilities. This poem was written to inspire thoughts about all the discoveries that have been made over the years. Many of these discoveries were the result of accidents. Those that made new discoveries were able to relate the unrelated. They took risk but with courage along with imagination, they had a dream to fill some need or accomplish some purpose that would benefit others.

Step Ahead

Think of all the
Great discoveries
Made over the years
In various academies.

Many made by accident
By those who related
The unrelated
And just waited.

Taking objects,
Ideas, an asset
To meet various needs
That have not yet been met.

Objects unrelated
In previous years
Now linked together
Through blood, sweat, and tears.

By imagination
Planted as a seed
To grow for a purpose
And meet some need.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-11-2018
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