Loving Our Neighbor

Reading in Romans 13:8-14, highlighted is that love is related to justice because of concern for safety and property for all.  If people truly loved like Paul discusses in this passage, there would be no need for laws because no commandment would ever be broken.

To love our neighbor as ourselves today, we have an example to follow in Christ who died on the Cross for us. This day with God, let us be concerned for the future of others and be the light of the world which God calls us to be. There is great power in loving one another as Christ loves us.

Some ideas for loving your neighbor as yourself today may include letting others know about God’s love for them. Encouraging them, appreciated what they do, and giving them a lift. Love your neighbor as yourself today by being concerned about their safety, their property, and their spiritual growth. Another idea is to unify with projects and neighborhood improvement tasks that build strong families.

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This day with You Lord, our mood is lifted by the positive affirmation You give us. Our concern for our neighbor began when we heard first about Your love for us and the sacrifice made for us on the cross. We have the perfect role model to follow and we can implement caring for others by studying, praying, and growing spiritually. We pray today that we use the lessons taught in today’s passage so that the love from You will overflow from our heart to those we meet today. Amen.

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