Finding My Place in this World

Paul’s request in Romans 12:1-8 relates to the new status all Christians have. Being born again as the old self has been crucified so that the body once ruled by sin is done away with. The new life gains ultimate victory being united in the Spirit to fulfill God’s plan. By yielding to God’s will for our life, we find our place in this world.

Therefore, Christians can move forward with excitement and live each day to the fullest. They can marvel at the sunrise and the sunset, the flowers blooming, the birds singing, and the children growing. They can step ahead with the power of the Spirit giving unlimited might for each hour, delight for each day, and a future filled with hope.

Christians are a diverse group forming one body. Today, demonstrate that you are a valuable member of the body of Christ by finding your place to help serve, teach, encourage, lead, and contribute to the needs of others. Discover the strengths God has blessed you with to fulfill His purposes.

To turn our learning into living, let us exercise the disciplines of planning, organizing, listening to His direction, and being disciplined day in and day out to follow Him.  The best way to start is through prayer.

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This day with You Father, we know our life has meaning. Use us today as a member of Your team to play our part for Your glory. As a group of believers working together, we become extremely informed and the work we do for You in this world is for Your glory. Together, we are extremely productive and we cheer each other on as we go about this day. Amen.


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