Questions for Reflection for Study of Romans 12-14

The things of this world are built like a house of cards. They may work for a while but suddenly fall apart. On the other hand, the things of God are built on the foundation of truth. We can rest assured that the promises God has given in the Bible will be fulfilled. The challenge in explaining about something unseen like faith can be difficult but with Christ we have a model to help us clarify the intangible qualities of our faith with integrity. 

Studied over the last few weeks was how Israel stumbled by trying to pursue righteousness by works. Of most importance is not following some law or restriction but just accepting God’s grace and doing things that make a lot of sense. Everyone needs God’s grace. Once received, one can gain wisdom to live the way life is meant to be lived.

The best way is God’s Way and the Bible is the text book to the course of wisdom. So the first step is the most important. It only takes one step toward Jesus and there is momentum that leads to even more steps. Before long, we are gaining so much momentum that we are living with passion, loving completely, learning humbly, and living boldly.

There are various ways to receive knowledge of God. We can read His Word, learn from our experiences, and learn from others who have knowledge and experiences to share. The knowledge of God is more precious than silver or gold so let’s be enthusiastic for this day to not only read the Word but also apply it in our Life.

When we grow in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we receive the nourishment needed to flourish. It’s really just that simple. The Gospel message has a beautiful and refreshing simplicity about it that sets us free and never lets us down.

God’s door is opened with grace! It’s the key given to those with eyes ready to see and with ears willing to listen. By accepting God’s grace, we are forgiven and provided the key to His kingdom. His arms are open to all who believe and ready to receive His amazing grace.

His grace is unlimited and keeps on flowing from day to day; from year to year; from generation to generation. As long as we are attached to the Vine, we will all share from the same nourishing spiritual food that gives us strength to fulfill the purpose He has for us.

So the great mystery is that the power of God is available to all. This day, seek ways to share your knowledge of God’s mystery with others by collecting inspiring thoughts and ideas that nourish the soul.

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Romans 12:1-8
How does Paul’s appeal relate to the new status you have in Christ (See 6:1-7:6)? What disciplines are you exercising to renew your body and mind? How can you show today that you are a member of the body of Christ and one another?

Romans 12:9-21
What main ideas are expressed and emphasized? What would be the specific results in a society that obeyed them? How will you obey them today?

Romans 13:1-7
What are your obligations to civil authorities (relate to 12:2)? In what ways are authorities an extension of God’s authority in relation to a society? What attitude should a Christian have if they are being punished wrongly?

Romans 13:8-14
How is Love Related to justice (See 1-7)? If people ever truly loved like Paul discusses in this passage, would any commandment ever be broken? How will you love your neighbor as yourself today?

Romans 14:1-12
What are the likely attitudes of the strong toward the weak? The weak toward the strong? What is your attitude toward Christians with whom you differ in conviction and practice? In what ways does judging others on these matters ignore the power of Christ?

Romans 14:13-23
What substitute for judging does Paul command? When questions of food and drink are a Christian’s main concern, what does this reveal about his perspective as to the kingdom of God? With whom must you ultimately keep your faith and life?

This day with God, know that you have a role to play because you have will and will is more important than skill. Choose to be on God’s side for He is always right. All winning teams have a game plan and the reading plan above will be used as I share over the next few weeks. The best gift ever is God’s plan for us and by accepting this gift of love; we have taken the steps necessary to make this day with Him amazing!


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