Power Available to All

God’s mystery concerning Jews and Gentiles as explained in Romans 11:25-36 is that His divine power is available to all. His mercy given allows everyone to share in His tremendous and immeasurable wisdom and to give praise (v. 33-36). Being able to observe the greatness of God takes away personal pride and gives humility. We see that God was in total control in the very beginning and will continue to be in control for all that happens in the future.

Find ways that you can kindly share your knowledge of God’s mystery with others by collecting inspiring thoughts and stories. There is nourishment found in the Bible that feeds the soul. There are inspiring stories we can share with others from our own experiences. 

Think of how sharing secrets actually has its reward. One story from present day history is how Microsoft jumped ahead of Apple in the 1980’s with computer software. They allowed many companies to make computers as long as those computers used their software. They focused on producing the software that would run most of the computers.

On the other hand, Apple wanted to be in total control of both the computer and the software. As a result, not as many computers were produced to run with Apple’s software. More computers were sold that ran with Microsoft software so Microsoft controlled market share.

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Lord this day, we come to you just as we are. You have given each of us the ability to share with others and give encouragement. Just as with the story of Microsoft and Apple, we are not concerned about the things on the outside or the hardware but what makes things run on the inside. Help us to gain a heart for welcoming everyone into Your Way. Help us to further this movement of Christianity and help it grow by being a part, fulfilling a purpose, and kindly sharing our knowledge of Your mystery with others. Amen.


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