The Door is Opened

Scripture Reading: Romans 11:7-16

As pointed out in the post “Flourish Once Again”, God rejected Israel because they did not accept the Gospel message. The door was locked to salvation. Instead, the Gospel message was offered to the Gentiles who accepted it and were saved. Comparing Israel to a tree, the Jewish people are like the branches. The branches were broken so the Gentiles were grafted in their place.

The rejection of Israel is not total or final. Both Gentiles and Jews share in the tree’s nourishment based on faith in God. So the roots were still there giving nourishment to grow again. Over time the remnant would flourish once again.

Revealed to us in this passage is that God’s door is opened with grace! It’s the key given to those with eyes ready to see and with ears willing to listen. By accepting God’s grace, we are forgiven and provided the key to His kingdom. His arms are open to all who believe and ready to receive His amazing grace.

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This day with You God will be amazing because of accepting Your gift of grace. It is the key to opening the door to You where freedom is found.  Proven on the Cross is that everyone has tremendous value in Your eyes for on this Cross meant to kill is gained our victory. Amen.

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