Flourish Once Again

As pointed out in Romans 11:1-6, many departed from God during the time of Elijah but there was a devout remnant of 7000 that remained. Like a tree that is cut down, the roots are still there giving nourishment to grow again. Over time the remnant flourishes once again.

God saves the remnant but brings judgment upon those who do not accept His grace. It is not by works but by accepting the Gospel message. Early in life, Paul was a persecutor of Christians but accepted God’s grace and became a pivotal leader who started churches and authored much of the New Testament. The Gentiles accepted the Gospel shared by Paul and the Christian movement grew.

Today, this movement has grown throughout the world and the message is the same. Everyone needs God’s grace. Once received, there is a reconnection and gained is the power of the Holy Spirit to live the way life is meant to be lived.

This day God may we use the nourishment You give to help us flourish. Nourishment obtained from Your Word, the Holy Spirit speaking to us deep in our hearts, and the experiences we go through or learn from others. This nourishment You give never lets us down and is essential for an amazing life of continued growth. Amen.

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