Hear and Apply

Paul explains in Romans 10:18-21 that hearing alone does not produce faith. He points out that all have the opportunity to hear about God’s power and divine nature. Also, there is God’s Word that is available to read and share with others. There is the beauty and amazement within His Creation for all to see. There is history and personal experiences to learn from that can be passed from generation to generation. The problem is that even with all that we are given, there are some that continue to be disobedient and obstinate.

So hearing by itself is not enough. One has to hear, accept, and then apply faith in their life. Then share the Word and personal experiences with others even if they seem to reject God. At least we will have done all we can do to clearly explain so there are no excuses.

Another way is to be an example to others in how we live each day to the fullest. Taking in in the good times as if soaking in the warmth of a day. Accepting the difficulties as a way to build strength and endurance as preparation for a victorious life.

Every day comes with memories that are continuously added to what we can share with others. I take my dog for a walk in the evenings and she loves it. She lives for the moment as she listens to the bird sounds and identifies the scents along the way. She notices the change of seasons as it cools in the fall and warms up in the spring.

We should do the same as God walks with us in life. Live for each moment, listen to Him, identify His principles, and notice how He does things in perfect timing such as the change of the seasons.

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This day with You Lord, we have received knowledge of You through Your Word and in Your Creation. This knowledge is more precious than silver or gold. We ask that we have enthusiasm for this day to not only read about Your Word but also apply it in our Life. May the words we say be pleasing to You as you bless us with an eternal reward more valuable than any treasure in this world. Amen.

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