Truthfulness with Facts

Scripture Reading: Romans 9:1-24

Paul is concerned about the truthfulness of what he says and with the help of the Holy Spirit, he establishes his truthfulness through facts. The fact that God keeps His promises. The fact that Jesus’ life fulfills the predictions and prophecies about the Messiah.

What is stated in the Bible has come about. Even in the areas of science dealing with the stars, with the study of the ocean, and how the earth is shaped. These areas of learning were not known by humanity at the time the words of this passage were written but they have since been proven to be true.

Like Paul, we should be concerned about the truthfulness of what we say. He used historical facts to explain why God does what He does. Examples included the destiny of Abraham’s offspring, the insight given to Moses, and allowing others to fulfill great purposes as recorded in the Bible. Talking about something unseen like faith has its challenges but with Christ, we have a model to explain the intangible qualities of our faith with integrity.

We exist for God’s purposes. By accepting Christ as the Son of God, we have the distinct benefit of a promise. The assurance of being called a child of God and an heir of the kingdom. This day, let us respond to the Father by fulfilling our purpose and our destiny with enthusiasm.

This day with You Lord, help us to be fully engaged in the purpose You have in our life. We pray for the opportunity to share with others about Christ. The Good News is that there is something better ahead and the purpose You have for us keeps us going Your Way. We know that You have designed our life for eternity and our purpose is simply to follow Your will and please You. With the principles You give us in the Bible like integrity, courage, and purpose we can be a transformer rather than a conformer. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.


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