Peace and True Life

Reading in Romans 8:1-11, Paul summarizes his letters so far by explaining that there is freedom from sin because of Christ. The only condition that needs to be met in order to receive this power is to follow God’s plan for us. What God gives is a plan for life and is a treasure. The more we lose ourselves in this plan, the more passion we will have.

Within each believer is the same Spiritual power that raised Christ from the dead. A Spiritual power big enough to function at a much higher level that brings joy and freedom. Much more than worldly power, prestige, or possessions. It’s so big that we should desire to share with the world.

This day with God, keep on feeding the Spirit inside with uplifting thoughts, pictures, and sounds. Then a new kind of living is obtainable with unlimited possibilities. These diamonds in the rough will begin to crystalize and take shape. They will become fuel for your actions revealing to those around you that you are a part of the group that belongs to Christ. The group that lives in the Spiritual realm where there is peace and true life.

Be patient and believe wholeheartedly in God’s timing that things will work out. As it is with many things in life, what is needed is patience and the ability to keep going when the going gets tough. By keeping our attention on our mission even during difficulty, we might find one simple thing to try and bam! It works.

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This day with You Lord, what You give is peace and true life. It is a treasure that gives us great possibilities. We can have the right character traits and talents but these are just part of what we need. The possibilities are there when we set aside time in prayer and invite you into our heart so the Holy Spirit helps us run the race of life the right way, the hard way, the team way, and the victorious way. Amen.


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2 Responses to Peace and True Life

  1. Mark, love this: “Be patient and believe wholeheartedly in God’s timing that things will work out.” They indeed do.

    Be blessed. God is with you.


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