The Purpose for the Law

In Romans 7:7-13, Paul explains that the law and sin are not identical. The law only points out sin and does not cause the sin. Although they are somewhat related because human nature is to want and do what one should not. By itself, the law is holy and righteous but our nature causes us to react in a negative way towards prohibitions.

A person must work harder to accept the law rather than reject it. Holy living on the other hand requires work. It takes discipline to have faith, integrity and good judgment. On the other hand, fear, laziness, and negative thought happens without any effort.

This passage points out that trying to keep rules does not attain holy living. The more rules we have, the more ways there will be to get around the rules. Salvation and sanctification are not obtained by keeping a list of rules but in knowing Christ. Knowing how He lived shows us how to live out our lives in our family, at work, or whatever we do.

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This day with You Lord, by following Your plan for us, we are bound by a common purpose, we stick together, and stay the course. As we have read in today’s passage, the purpose of the law is to tell us what is wrong and right. Help us to understand and to follow the example you have given us in Your Son. Amen.

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4 Responses to The Purpose for the Law

  1. Wonderful message to begin my day Mark! God bless!


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