Shared Experiences

All Christians have shared experiences with Christ in that they have died but been born again into a new life. The old self has been crucified so that the body once ruled by sin is done away with. They are set free from fear and ready to be God’s instrument of righteousness because death no longer is master over them.

The theme of Romans 6:1-11 is to live the new life that is united in the Spirit; free to fulfill God’s plan in your life. God has provided a sure way to victory in Christ and the Spirit is with you behind the scenes fixing problems at work or home.

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This day with You Lord, we need the help that a body of believers can bring. For when two or more are gathered, there is encouragement, there is affirmation, and there is purpose. God, we are united with You through Christ who conquered death. There is power and energy in the Holy Spirit to face the challenges ahead. There is nothing to fear because we will work together to meet these challenges as a body of believers united in Christ. Amen.

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