As explained in Romans 5:1-11, because of Christ’s life, blood, and death, we have the opportunity for peace with God, access to God, and the glorious hope of being with God throughout eternity.

We are justified by faith by accepting Christ as the atonement for our sin. We can rejoice in the past for the grace received, rejoice in the present because the difficulty we face will build up our character, and rejoice in the future because of the hope we have that things will only get better since God is in control of our life.

I take my dog for a walk in the evening and she loves it. She lives for the moment as she listens to the bird sounds and identifies the scents. She notices the change of seasons as it cools in the fall and warms up in the spring. We should follow this example as God walks with us in life; living for that moment, listening to Him, and following our Master’s direction.

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This day with You God, we realize that we’ve made some bad decisions along our walk but through Christ, You have given us a new path. You loved each of us so much that You sent Your own Son to die on the cross. This same love is available to us each day because we have been justified by accepting Christ into our life. We are also grateful for our forever home we have with You and the future walk as we go along life’s journey. Amen.

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