Always Remains the Same

The early church had some disagreements just as today there are disagreements. The struggle during the time of Paul was what came first, the law or grace. Paul explains in Romans 3:1-18 that religious groups may vary or change over time but God always remains the same. He will always be faithful, true, righteous, and just.

All groups and all people have weaknesses so why not accept each other as a child of God. Work as a team with the gifts God has given. What we can all gain is God’s love in His saving grace so let us not compete against each other but against our enemies like doubt, bondage, and hate.

There are advantages in being a Christian and possessing God’s word for with Him our life leads in the right direction. We should build up and encourage because everyone has tremendous value in His eyes so let us call to God in a unified prayer today.

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This day with You Lord, we are thankful for Your saving grace; received by faith and available to everyone. For Christ died for all. It is a gift for those who believe and is built upon grace. Everyone who accepts His mercy and His blood are set free. Amen.


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