Practice What You Preach

Paul is accusing the Jewish leaders in Romans 2:17-29 of not practicing what they preach. They emphasized the law but had to compliment themselves because they believed that knowing the law was top priority but Paul explains that following the law with actions is what is most important.

Paul goes on to say that the Jewish leaders had blasphemed God’s name among the Gentiles because of not practicing what they preach. What gives meaning to our faith is not only knowing God’s law backwards and forwards but also practicing its instructions in our life.

The only praise we should seek is praise from God and not from others. If we continue to practice what we preach as Christians, the instructions will eventually become effortless because they will become a positive part of our life and ingrained in who we are. Then others will be blessed and will join us.

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At all times of this day, we have the opportunity to read, study, and pray; to praise You God and seek Your direction for the rest of the day. From today’s passage, we have learned the importance of doing what we say. Help us to speak to others by our actions and move others to wanting to accept Christ because of how we live. Amen.

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