Integrate Faith with Actions

As described in the first part of Romans 2, God’s judgment is wrath and anger which brings trouble and distress rather than glory, honor, and peace. Reading further in Romans 2:12-16, Paul explains that the Jewish leaders say they go by the law but what they say and do are two different things.

Paul goes on to write that the Jews will be judged by the law but it is only those who obey the law that are declared righteous. The Gentiles have no written law but the requirements of the law are written in their hearts, in their conscience, and in their thoughts.

So what is important for the reader to grasp in studying today’s passage is that what we know in our mind needs to lead into the heart. Then we are able to integrate our faith with our actions. The Jewish leaders thought they had what was needed but it was just for show on the outside. What Paul is explaining is that it is not following the complex rules of the law that matter but accepting God’s grace so our hearts can be transformed to live like Jesus taught.

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Lord, help us to live the way You teach so that good is developed from within. Help us to walk in the Spirit using Jesus as our model. Provide for our needs along this journey and inspire in us the passion to invite others to join us on this journey. Amen.

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