Fertile Ground for a Great Harvest

As described in Romans 1:8-15, Paul put a lot into his relationship with the Roman Christians because he was eager to spread the Good News. Rome was the center of communication throughout the world during Paul’s time so it was fertile ground for a great harvest.

The thing about life is the stress of being able to balance everything so we can accomplish all that we set out to do. Therefore, there is a great need to study our priorities; go after first what is most important and then like the domino effect, our items on the task list start to fall one after another.

Paul had to balance things in his life. He was on his third missionary trip to Corinth and had not visited the Roman church yet so he relied on Timothy’s help. Paul knew his purpose was to communicate knowledge of the Gospel and he wanted the Roman Christians to gain strength and encouragement.

He wanted to uplift and encourage them to be strong in their faith so he prayed with a grateful heart toward what their purpose for God would be. He hoped to impart spiritual knowledge to the Roman Christians and encourage them to use their God given talent.

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This day with You God, we pray the same prayers for our fellow Christians throughout the world so together, we all know Your Plan for Us. Many have a desire for wealth, many have a passion for material things … but some have enthusiasm for helping others. Help us to have this type of enthusiasm … for your people and to grow Your army of workers. Help us to find ways to encourage and strengthen each other to carry out Your purpose in the world. Amen!


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2 Responses to Fertile Ground for a Great Harvest

  1. Randy Mosier says:

    We have an opportunity in front of us to show people the body of Christ in action as Hurricane Harvey relief efforts gear up. The rain has moved on, but the real work of recovery is just beginning. There is going to be a lot of need in the Houston area for a long time. And now is the time for Christ’s church to shine!


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