Qualities of Leadership Found in Moses

The events laid out in Exodus 32:15-35 raised some good points in how to respond when those we lead let us down. When Moses came down from the mountain, the people were worshiping a golden calf they had made. At first, Moses reacted like most of us would with anger by throwing down the tablets in which the Ten Commandments were inscribed; breaking them into pieces (v. 19).

Within this passage are some qualities of leadership we can pick up from Moses. One is how the Levites rallied to Moses when he said “whoever is for the Lord, come to me (v. 26).” Another is when Moses went to the Lord in prayer to discuss the people worshiping the golden calf. He became a humble advocate for his people by asking God to forgive their sin – but if not, he then ask God to blot him out of the book He has written (v. 32).”

God’s response to Moses was that those who have sinned will be punished. He told Moses that a terrible disease would be brought on the people but He told Moses to continue leading the people to the Promised Land. Just as Moses, we need to go to God and humbly ask for mercy.

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This day with You Lord, help us to humbly accept that there will be some things in life that we have no control over. Like in today’s passage, Moses had no control over his impatient people waiting for him at the bottom of the mountain. Help us to respond like Moses in these situations by praying for them. Help us to be the link that connects Your power to them and shows them the Way. Amen.


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