Hope Produces Patience

Moses went up to the Mountain to get the Ten Commandments and was gone for such a long time that the people became impatient as explained in Exodus 32:1-14. They looked to Aaron for leadership but he guided the people astray by suggesting they bring their gold earrings so they could make a golden idol cast in the shape of a calf. God was furious and wanted to destroy them but Moses pleads with God to give them a second chance.

We are not that much different today, we get impatient with God as we desire earthly objects for rewards. We create idols to worship like nicer cars and bigger houses rather than worshiping the ONE who created all things. The ONE who delivers us from the bondage of sin. The ONE who wants to be with us and provide eternal joy.

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This day with You Lord, some of our dreams may look to have no chance. Help us to maintain our faith even when some of our answers may seem delayed. We ask that our hope will produce patience. Even in hard times, we can have joy if we have faith that tomorrow will be a better day. Lift us up today; remembering what Jesus went through on the cross. We are assured of brighter days ahead because of the gift of Your Son and this thought inspires us to step ahead so we never give up hope. Amen.


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