Unseen Power

Set your sights beyond what you can see. Be determined and know that Christ has paid the price, giving you an unseen power which cannot be measured or weighed but can tell you the right things to do. This day, I hope this poem will inspire the thought that God is bigger than any difficulty we face because accepting Christ connects us to the power of the Holy Spirit.

Step Ahead

Facing constant doubt
Or fear all the time
There is a power
To start a new climb.

The power connection
Of the Holy Spirit
Strengthened in faith
To be fearless.

Connected to the
Greatest power ever
To help with struggle
Of any endeavor.

Set your sights beyond
What you can see
Being determined
With an unseen power

A power not confined
Or ever subdued
And telling you
The right things to do.

By Mark Shields – © 07-20-2017
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