Use Your God Given Talent

Aaron and his sons would serve God as priests and oversee the operations of the tabernacle. Aaron would be the High Priest of Israel who was to be in charge of all the other priests. They would help the people in worship and in their relationship with God.

As described in Exodus 28, the priests would wear sacred garments made by skilled workers who God had given wisdom and special ability in such matters. An ephod would be made which would have two onyx stones with engraved names of the sons of Israel as a memorial. A breastplate for the purpose of decision making would be worn over the High Priest’s heart made of gold, blue, purple, and scarlet yarn and finely twisted linen.

Secular thought believes wisdom and ability comes more from a person’s own work or learning rather than from God. In this passage, the facts tell us that God gives wisdom, ability, and power. Each of us can go to Him in prayer which is the greatest power ever and get help from the ONE who has the answer to every problem.

This day with You Lord, we believe You have given each of us wisdom and a specific ability that serves others. Give us insight into discovering what it is and be thankful to You for being the source of our ability. Fill us with Your Spirit as we use our talents and abilities for Your glory. 

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