Prepared Way

In Exodus 23:20-33, God promises to bless the Israelites with an angel to prepare the way into the Promised Land. Their enemies would be overcome and He assures them of good health, a long life, and a prosperous future. God gives a pledge that they would gradually conquer the land if they worshiped Him instead of idols.

The same promises made to the Israelites during the writing of this passage is available to us today if we worship the only ONE who can win our battles and prepare the Way. He will give us advantages and set up things for our benefit. All that is required is that we pay attention, listen, and remain committed to His plan for us.

This day will be amazing because we can put His guidance into practice by making prayer the top priority as we plan out activities. This day with God, expect greatness because heaven has been opened and God will lead to where we need to go.

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Lord we dream big today because as we pray, we know You can take these dreams and help us not only achieve them but along the way, make others dream big too. In so doing, we know that there will be more opportunities for all people to flourish. Just like the promises you made in today’s passage, You have given us promises that will build momentum for life. We will build on what You have done yesterday and we will dream big dreams for tomorrow. Amen.

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