Made Free In Christ

Paul talks about two women in Galatians 4:21-31. One was the slave woman named Hagar and the other was the free woman named Sarah. As Christians, Paul explains that we are more like the child of the free woman because we are free in Christ. With freedom comes the responsibility to make the right choices as we receive help from the Holy Spirit’s counseling in our daily activities.

The Law requires works for salvation but the grace received by accepting Christ simply requires faith on our part. Our main focus should then be to put our relationship with Jesus ahead of our religious activity.

Christians are born again which is a supernatural birth just like the child of the free woman written about in today’s passage. We are able to make the connection with God and seek His advice. The Spirit will help us solve problems at work, at home, and wherever we are.

This day with God, let us make our time count for the Lord by first getting our instruction through prayer which is our greatest power. Lord, we come to You today and are grateful to have this conversation with You; the ONE who already has the answer to the issues of our day. Let us put Your guidance into practice today. Let us build on what You did yesterday and dream big dreams for tomorrow. Amen. 

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