All Obstacles Are Removed

Reading in Galatians 4:12-20, Paul is trying to make sure all obstacles are removed for the Galatians so they can stay on the right path. Those who believed salvation by the Law came in and tried to confuse the Galatians. They were giving out false information that led them down the wrong path.

As a spiritual teacher or leader, the main concern should be to help people be their best. To build up relationships and share thoughts of true concern for their future. Sometimes there are those who will use people to gain power but not truly care for them. In this passage, Paul uses tests to help check the relationship between a spiritual leader and their followers.

To determine if the relationships were sound, Paul tried to determine if the spiritual leaders were trying to get their followers to love and follow Christ. Another test involved finding out if the spiritual leaders were concerned about building up their followers rather than only building up themselves.

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This day with God, let us work together to make good things happen for those that we lead. Lord, help us to offer your love to others today. Help us to encourage others and in return, build up the Spirit of Christ. Amen.

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