Promise is Fulfilled

In Galatians 3:15-18, Paul refutes the objection that the Law of Moses annuls the promise to Abraham. Instead, he explains that the law and the promise is fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. The ultimate reward for Christians is salvation and the law in the Old Testament is not set aside but is followed through the promise fulfilled in Christ.

God’s Word explains the promise of an ultimate reward given without any conditions. We are not taskmasters who have to earn the reward but those who are loved by God. We were created for relational reasons as God’s companion and He wants each of us to grow spiritually.

Each day, we get a new start by God’s grace. We may miss the mark some days but grace took on flesh and became visible in the person of Christ. Through Christ, we are forgiven and by accepting Christ as Savior, we have just what we need to be perfect in God’s eye.

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This day with You Lord will be amazing. We may face a few difficulties today but we can feel sure that these difficulties will be overcome. We can look forward to things falling into place for a great day and for this, we give praise to You today. Amen.

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