Connection to the Vine

There were different ways of thinking about salvation as described in Galatians 2:11-21. One way to salvation which was represented by Paul is that faith in Christ Jesus is how a person is saved. To have a sustaining faith there has to be a connection to the Vine or Jesus Christ.

Another way of thinking which was represented by Peter is that one is justified by adherence to the law. Peter’s way to salvation actually nullifies God’s grace and makes Christ’s death of no purpose.

I remember one time when my daughter had a problem with her iPod. It was no longer connected to the Wifi. Sometimes we can have days where we just don’t feel connected to God. It makes a big difference between having a good day and a bad one.

Jesus Christ is our connection. Each day we wake up, we can still dream and believe because God can make anything new. We can be accountable to one another and we can make an impact on others if we live out our faith. Faith gained today will pull us through tomorrow so we can step ahead day by day.

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This day with you Lord, every doubt or fear will be replaced with a deep abiding trust in You.  Errors of a lifetime can be corrected TODAY! Christ in us leads to peace, resolve, confidence, and victory.


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