Obedient and Persistent

Joshua was obedient to God and defeated the kings of the south as we have read previously. As we read now in Joshua 11-12, Joshua continues to be obedient. Even though the kings of the north joined together to go against Joshua and his army, God provided victory again. The underlying demand from God is to be courageous and never give up.

God played a part and the Israelites played a part in the victory. The part from God was the instruction in what to do and in setting circumstances up for success for the Israelites. He gave them confidence and peace of mind that allowed them to simply carry out the tasks before them. The Israelites also played their part as they were obedient. It took persistence because conquering the land God had promised them took seven years.

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This day with You Lord, help us to be obedient. Help us to be fearless in the face of our challenges. We will also need persistence to win our battles. We will continue to come to You because You are the ONE with the answers. You know what we need even before we do and You are perfect in all of Your ways. Amen.

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