Victory Builds Momentum for Future Victories

The Ammonites decided not to make peace with Joshua but instead were a group that made plans to attack Gibeon. Reading in Joshua 10, the Ammonites were the people of Jerusalem, Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish, and Eglon. The kings of each joined together to attach Gibeon. Since the Gibeonites had made peace with Joshua, they ask him for help so Joshua and his entire army marched up from Gilgal to help (v. 7).

The Lord was with Joshua and his army who took the Ammonites by surprise and completely defeated them at Gibeon (v. 10). Victory builds momentum for future victories. When the Ammonites retreated, Joshua and his army pursued them. God had His hands in the battle as large hail stones killed many of the Ammonites.

The Lord also stopped the sun so that Joshua and his army had the extra daylight to pursue the five kings. The kings could not get away so they hid in a cave at Makkedah (vv. 16-17) and Joshua told his soldiers to roll large rocks to the mouth of the cave to trap them. A few soldiers stood guard while the rest of Joshua’s army continued to go after their enemies.

Many of the Ammonites were killed but some did manage to reach their fortified cities (v. 20). Then Joshua’s army returned to Makkedah. They opened the cave and Joshua told his officers to put their feet on the king’s necks to engender trust in God for future victories (v. 24).

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This day with God, have confidence my friend that God’s presence and power is in your life now and will help your future situations. As in today’s passage, the ONE who can produce hail stones to kill the enemy and the ONE who can stop the sun is with you today. In the battles you face now and into the future, seek the Lord’s help and then give Him the credit when the victories come.

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2 Responses to Victory Builds Momentum for Future Victories

  1. Same with David and the sword he took from Goliath to kill him. He found it later, waiting for him in a moment of need.

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