Living Out the Truth

Reading in 2 Thessalonians 2:13 through 3:5, Paul explains that every individual is responsible for believing in the truth, holding on to the truth, and living out the truth. The hardest to accomplish is to live out the truth.

We should base our faith on the teachings that have been passed to us and from God’s Word.  God will bless our life with greatness as we wake up each day dreaming and believing. That’s not to say that we may face difficulties like when we are not feeling good or when we have a rough day at work. It can be a challenge to trying to balance work, home, and other responsibilities but when we turn them over to God, that’s when greatness begins.

Even though we may face some doubt or fear, these negatives will be replaced with a deep abiding trust in Him. We will produce endurance in the face of trials just like Christ did. We can pray, study the Bible and use scripture to help wherever we are. A sustaining faith is possible if there is a connection to the Vine.

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This day with You God, we care for each other and pray for each other. There is comfort in knowing that we are never alone. We can share together in the glory of Christ; stand firm on the foundation of Your reliable principles that have persevered throughout history. In Jesus name. Amen.


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