Make Perplexities and Confusions into Amazing Results and Conclusions

Paul thanks God for the Thessalonians because their faith was growing more and more, and their love for each other continued to increase (v. 3). Reading more in 2 Thessalonians 1, Paul boasted about them because of their perseverance even under all the persecutions and trials they endured. One day, the wrongs done by those who persecute will be righted by God. The future for the unbeliever is one of judgment (v. 6) but there is a glorious future for the believer.

We have never been promised a life that is easy but when we do face trials, we can have faith that our struggles will make us ready for each challenge in order to glorify our Lord. We are not to live for the present but for a glorious future.  Within this passage, Paul says he would pray constantly for the Thessalonians until Christ’s return. He prays for their growth in faith so that the Lord Jesus may be glorified in in how they live.

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Lord, this day we also pray to be worthy of Your calling; prompted by faith and fulfilling good purposes with the power of the Holy Spirit. Lord, we are confident that You can make perplexities and confusions into amazing results and conclusions. We pray for the power to glorify Your name today. Amen.

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