Enthusiastically Spread the Good News

There was tremendous Jewish opposition to the Gospel message and Paul had been able to stay in Thessalonica for only a few weeks. Reading Paul’s letter in 1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:12, Paul explains how he thought about them all the time and wanted to be with them but he could only direct the ministry from Athens. Paul explains that Satan will do all he can to make sure there is disharmony between Christians.

Paul was concerned for the believers in Thessalonica so Timothy was sent to see how things were going and to strengthen and encourage in their faith (v. 3:2).

This letter by Paul is a model we can use to encourage other Christians far away. With the use of technology today, we can write encouraging reports and think of ways to draw from each other; being inspired to enthusiastically spread the Gospel.

Paul prayed for the Thessalonians because prayer is an encouraging act. Prayer is our greatest power because it brings us into what God is doing. We are to pray mighty prayers with patience and persistence because prayer changes not only those prayed for but it changes us.

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This day with You Lord, we learned from the passage about Paul praying for the Thessalonians so that their faith may mature. That they would increase their love for each other and that they would have more love for You and for others. These same requests are our request today as we pray. Help us to encourage each other and strengthen each other as we gain inspiration to enthusiastically spread the Gospel message. Amen.


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