Freedom is Found

The dominant theme of Psalm 26 is the importance of maintaining integrity. Unfortunately in society today, there is so much misinformation. Leaders make promises even though they know they can’t keep these promises and it hurts a lot of people.

The actions and attitudes of a man of God should include being open to examination in the areas of obedience, praise, and on relying on His Word for overcoming the obstacles faced in life. Freedom is found when we lay our burdens down at the Cross.

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No one is perfect but everyone can work on their actions and attitudes. When the majority of the people within a society are working toward this end, there are no limits. With God there is a freedom; a freedom that helps us live, give, and love. A freedom that will speak and teach; laying out a clear path that others can follow.

This day with You God, we ask for your help as we complain privately and praise You publically. Let us use gratitude as the password to Your presence. We are grateful for the freedom You give us in Christ. We pray for the ability to learn and apply the principles You give us in the Bible. Search inside our soul and clear out what shouldn’t be there. We trust in You Lord and we ask that others will see the qualities of Your character in us. Amen.

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