The Loving Father

There are references in Psalm 25 which show David’s dependence on God. He was in distress but trusted God for guidance, instruction, and security. David appealed to God’s great quality of being a loving Father who offers guidance to His children.

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David faced distress because enemies wanted to kill him. We may not face enemies in the same way that David did but as we read this passage, there may be some words that seem familiar to our own experiences in life. We may face enemies to our freedoms, challenges to our finances, and obstacles to our health.

Like David, we can seek God, learn from His Word, and obey His commands. We can turn to God in prayer and seek His guidance. For the humble, He guides in what is right and teaches them His way (v. 9). For those who fear Him, their needs are provided for and there is protection from enemies.

We can use God’s Word like a compass to guide us along the journey. We can turn our problems of our past into victories for our future. The only requirement is that we cry out to the Lord like David did for help. Today, we have an easier path than David. There is only one requirement for us; accepting Jesus who can reverse our downward trend and get us climbing higher.

Lord, this day we take on our challenges one small step at a time and have confidence that You are big enough to handle each issue we face better than we could on our own. With Your power backing us up, we will be guided in the right direction and protected from traps that are set in life. We look forward to Your loving qualities making an impact in our lives today. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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  1. oldpoet56 says:

    Very good article Brother, I am going to reblog this one for you.

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