First Down

In Psalm 17, David is praying for the ability to know the right way, to plan out the path to follow, and set out in the right direction. He calls on God to listen to his prayer, continue to love him, and protect him from his enemies.

David describes the goals of his enemies as consisting of short term gains; desiring worldly ambitions like prosperity and superiority. In this prayer, David is asking that he be rewarded with God’s continual presence. Unlike his enemies, David believed that a relationship with God should be the ultimate aim and reward in life.

In this passage, we learn that David came up against a tough defense and could not gain any first downs in life. We can take this and other lessons to better see what’s keeping us from gaining first downs or blocking our way. We can be better prepared by focusing on God’s plan. If we do, God will provide the open path and all we have to do is follow the way and we will not only gain first downs but make touchdowns in life.


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