Obey and Pray

a-prayer-for-youDavid was very exhausted and depressed as he wrote Psalm 13. In the first two verses of this Psalm, David is questioned God about how long he would have to go through his depressed thoughts and feelings. But as we analyze verses 5-6, we see a turn around because of David’s trust in the Lord.

Life for each of us today has its struggles but just like David, we know who we can go to for help. There is knowledge to be gained and we can trust that He has available what is needed. During difficulty, we can pray for His help, wait patiently, and rely on His Word for encouragement.

Like in today’s passage, we can become exhausted and depressed because of the enemies we face in this world. We face challenges on a daily basis with deadlines that have to be met, with bills that have to be paid, with workloads that are bigger than our capacity.

We strive to work together as workers and compete with other companies. Some neighborhoods have to contend with criminals who set them back when the neighborhood becomes riddled with crime. Neighbors in affluent neighborhoods all try to measure up to each other. They try to “keep up with the Joneses” with no purpose or joy in life.

Lord, as we come to You today in prayer, we trust in You to help us step ahead. As we take in Your Word, we are fortified and remain optimistic because we know that we are highly favored. We are never 100% prepared for anything in life but we just step ahead with confidence because we know that You will pull us through and for this we are grateful. Amen.

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