The Way to Assuring a Great Day

Reading in Amos 4, we are told of the impending destruction of cities and homes within Israel as God’s judgment is carried out. The people are being warned before God acts in judgment. He gave the people a chance to get things right but they no longer knew how and the more they rejected God, the more difficult it was to get going down the right path.

The people of Israel were warned that they would face the same wrath of the past like famine, drought, insects, and plagues (verses 6-11). They needed a correction, redirection, and a return to the Lord. The same warning still applies to us today.

The journey of life without God can prove to be one big bumpy road. Instead, the path could be smooth if each of us would desire a return to the ONE who formed the mountains, created the wind, and continues to reveal His thoughts to us.

Below are some thoughts/ideas on what can be done. Here are four steps to the Way to assuring a great day. Imagine a world in which 80% of the people practiced this on a daily basis.

  1. Focus on tasks that God would have you to do today
  2. Embrace the power of the Holy Spirit to give you the ability to make what seems impossible … possible
  3. Make sure you are inspired and uplifted as you start each day
  4. Ask in prayer for direction on the three to five things you need to get done

Father God, we are grateful for Your lessons of the past in which we can apply to our present and future. What You give to us is a plan for life which is a treasure and the more we lose ourselves in this plan, the more passion we will have. We have faith that it will be an amazing day because we are focused on the tasks You would have us do, we have embraced Your power, we are starting this day with inspiration, and we are now setting out to get a few things done that will glorify Your name. Amen.

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