Sparking Curiosity

Paul’s meets different kinds of people in Athens as explained in Acts 17:16-34. He met philosophers and others interested in this new teaching. Athens was considered the intellectual center of the world during Paul’s time but it was also the center of idolatry.

The two main philosophies during that time were the Epicurean philosophy and the Stoic philosophy. The Epicureans were very materialistic and believed the main goal in life should be to pursue pleasure. The Stoics were just the opposite. The main goal in life for them was to live a disciplined life. To endure life now in order to receive a reward for the future.

Paul shared with them about the ONE true God and what God wanted them to do. To repent, accept Jesus as Savior, and share with others. The results were mixed. Some became followers, some sneered, and others were willing to hear more.

This day with You Lord, we ask that you help us initiate the spark of curiosity just like Paul did during his time. Help us to inspire in people the desire to explore, dream, and discover. Lord, we ask that You give us the courage to get away from the comfort zone and get ready for the challenge of this day. You are the ONE who created it all and we now wish to passionately stir each other up to boldly step ahead. In Jesus name. Amen.

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