Priceless Principles in the Scriptures

Paul’s method of teaching as explained in Acts 17:1-15, was to reason with his listeners from the scriptures. He would go to the synagogue of the major city of each area, share about Christ, and build up a mission-minded church that would evangelize the city and surrounding rural areas.

Many were persuaded to believe in Christ but the Jewish religious leaders were jealous of Paul and the followers of Christ. This provoked riots as the religious leaders even accused some of the believers of defying Caesar’s decrees and turning the world upside down (v. 5). Since there was trouble for the believers, Paul and Silas left Thessalonica and set out to Berea (v. 10).

Nonetheless, a group of good leaders were established at Thessalonica so a strong church grew. Sometimes, all we have to do is share about Christ and there will be those who have a desire to believe. Yes, we may face some conflict from those who choose not to believe but those that do will stimulate interest so many will examine the priceless principles found in the scriptures.

Father God, what you give to us is a plan for life and a treasure. The more we study Your plan, the more passion we have for telling others about the priceless principles found in the scriptures.

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