The Advantages of Teamwork

John had left them and had gone back to Jerusalem as recorded in Acts 13:13. Now in reading Acts 15:36-16:5 , John was ready to return but this caused contention between Paul and Barnabas. So much contention that they decided to team up with different people. Barnabas teamed up with John Mark and went to Cyprus. Paul teamed up with Silas and went north through Syria into Cilicia.

Even though Paul and Barnabas choose to separate, they continued to work with another person thus gaining the advantage teamwork brings when each is contributing with their strengths. They also needed someone to pray with and share God’s workings.

Timothy then joined Paul and Silas. Remember earlier in this Chapter about the controversy of circumcision and that a decision was made that it was not necessary to be circumcised in order to be saved. Timothy had a Greek father and was not circumcised. You may be thinking that Paul compromised but for Paul, it was not an issue of salvation. It was about service and not giving any offense to the Jews who they were trying to reach.

Working together may not always be easy and there may be disagreement but God has the big picture so that each person or team is used to accomplish His work. As a result of Paul and Barnabas going in separate directions, there were now two missionary teams doing God’s work instead of one.

This day with God, remember that when two or more are gathered together doing good, there is another at work which gives extra energy and power. It’s not just two minds but a third, the “Holy Spirit” at work giving ideas and direction to fixing problems or finding solutions.

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