Worship the ONE True God

Reading in Acts 14:8-28, the people of Lystra believed in many gods. Upon arriving in the city, Paul healed a crippled man and the people believed the gods had come down to earth in human form. They called Barnabas Zeus and Paul Hermes but Paul tried to explain to them about the ONE true God who made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and everything in them (v. 15).

In our world today, society makes gods out of leaders, sports heroes, entertainers, the rich, or famous. Idol worship is rampant as people worship expensive cars, houses, and other items that take our attention away from God. We are told that God’s not real many choose to worship things of this world rather than the ONE true God.

Paul faced hardship for sharing the Good News. He was stoned and dragged outside the city (v. 19).  The disciples prayed for Paul and the next day, he was ready to continue the mission. This time, Paul decided to follow-up on the message by returning to the cities they had been to before.

Those that do not fit into this world thinking sometimes face hardship just like Paul did. Life sometimes hits us right in the face hard. It’s kind of like those games we played as a kid like “Dodge Ball”. You have to be on your toes and hopefully do not get smashed in the face. Like Paul, we must stay alert, follow-up, and find ways to make our calling even better than before.

As we go through each day with You Lord; taking walks, feeling the fresh breeze hitting our face, and hearing the sounds of night that sooths our soul, help us to understand that the world is telling a lie and You are telling us what is accurate. That You are the ONE who created the breeze, the unique music of the night, and the ONE who tells us the truth. Amen.

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