Developing the Right Attitude

Again in Exodus 17 we get the account of how the people continued to quarrel as they were traveling from place to place as the Lord commanded. Not much progress was made in their attitude towards God’s ability to make things happen in their life. They blamed Moses for the trials they were going through but Moses tried to make it clear to them that it is God who can meet their needs.

Much can be learned from this passage that can orient us in developing the right attitude towards God. It is up to us to become victorious over the trials we face as individuals and as we work together in society. It is not up to some leader, or government, or some secret formula for a better society.

In today’s passage, the key to meeting their need for water when they were thirsty and in helping them to win at war was praying to God for victory. God is big enough to make the impossible possible if we first do what is necessary and then do what is possible. Suddenly the impossible is being done.

This day with You Lord, we can be prepared for anything in life. We just have to step ahead and know that You will pull us through. Times may get tough but faith in You Lord changes everything. We know that what seems impossible can become possible. Lord, we get the upper hand when we support each other for Your purposes. Help us Lord to gain momentum for life, hold each other’s hands up in prayer and know that You will answer with a miracle. In Jesus name. Amen.

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