No Compromises with God

There were many opportunities for Pharaoh to repent. Each time he hardened his heart and would not agree to what God wanted. In Exodus 10, he tried to compromise and let only the men go. This was not acceptable so the Lord brought on the plague of locusts.

Again, there was repentance from Pharaoh and the wish to compromise. Therefore, God sent another catastrophe called the plague of darkness. This one was different because Egypt worshiped the sun god, Ra, who was the chief of their gods.

Since the true God had defeated their chief god, this was like the last blow to Pharaoh’s pride. But again, he wanted to compromise by letting the people go except for the livestock. Moses didn’t give in and continued to follow God’s instructions.

Lord, help us today to be disciplined like Moses so we follow Your instructions. To surrender all and know that there is no compromise with You. Help us to understand that You want something for each of us. You give us grace and it is made available through Jesus. Grace is just what we need and we are thankful. In Jesus name. Amen.

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