Never Lose Your Way

Worship ServiceA new sermon series titled “Never-Never Land” was presented last weekend at the church I worship at. The message brought to us was “Never Lose Your Way”. Here is a link to the Sermon Podcast.

Shared this past week were some points brought out in Psalm 25. Like David who was going through difficulty, when we go through difficult times, we need to know where to start, ask for the light, and trust in God to get us through. David wanted to be set in God’s way and we should too. Let us always do God’s will, remain in His Word, trust in His way, and pray for His wisdom.

To see the Podcast live around 9:30 each Sunday morning, just click on the button titled live on the right side. Also, you can watch past worship services at any time or place thereafter by clicking the button next to the title of each sermon.


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